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Thread: Trolls

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    I am invested in this forum and find it a rare and valuable resource.

    There are certain posters who seem to post simply to get a response. This is the definition of a troll.

    This is a small community. We could improve the quality of this forum by taking steps to censor the trolls. I know that I can simply ignore the posts I dislike, I would rather rework the guest list.

    With that in mind, I have constructed the following poll.

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    Trolls are a natural part of the internet. I use the ignore poster function. It works well. Also I use self restraint to not respond to those that say trollish stuff.

    Best thing is to take the higher road.

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    Use the report post function liberally.
    I ncredibly
    M yopic
    B ackstabbing
    A ssholes

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    I'd rather see a thread closed before I see action taken against a person directly.
    Argumentative threads achieve nothing -close it and move on.
    A PM to the poster will only go so far before the poster takes offense and get in an argument and could inadvertently receive a short term ban.

    When the threads start to infringe on site rules would be time for action on the individual

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    If the trolls won't post a picture of the trail bridge they live under, then ban them.

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    I like the option of banning a person with a negative reputation, real classy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by richardjohnson View Post
    ...I use the ignore poster function. It works well. Also I use self restraint to not respond to those that say trollish stuff...
    I didn't know there was that option, Thanks Richard! That should help me deal with my lack of self restraint. Now if I could just figure out how to delete my own posts that I end up regretting.

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    The "ignore it and it'll go away" solution might work when there's a limited audience and a limited number of culprits. But it simply doesn't work in huge crowds.

    Not to mention, the site's "ignore" function is trash. If I put someone on "ignore" then I don't want to see any evidence of all. But that's not how it works here. You still see the poster and the fact that they've posted something. It just takes a couple extra clicks to see their content, unless they've been quoted, and then you see it whether you like it or not.

    I do think that someone who rapidly accumulates piles of neg rep (could also be made to work with the report post function instead, I suspect) should at least get a temporary time out. Also, auto-hide their content. Reset the rep to zero after the time out expires and give them the opportunity to tone it down themselves. Mods could manually override. This would probably help during times when the mods are on vacation, on weekends, holidays, overnights, and whatnot. Topics can get a bit out of control if there are a few days when nobody is cleaning that stuff up.

    Also good for spammers. Neg rep the spammers, auto hide the content, and the mods can review/remove/permaban when they come back. As it is, some of the spam is sophisticated enough that it sits there for a week or more before getting deleted. And sometimes that doesn't even happen when multiple people report it. Sometimes, extra attention has to be brought through pm's to a specific mod, public threads about it, that sort of thing.

    There must be a sitewide policy that's letting people push the limits of what's acceptable, though.

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    Harold, I think I agree, there comes a point when ignoring the problem really doesn't work very well. I'm always a bit puzzled by folks who think any kind of control is bad but I also understand the difficult job it is to step in and moderate. I moderate 3 groups and have only stepped in twice in 3 years. Moderating one poster was all it took.

    I just tried the "ignore" function and agree again, that it isn't particularly useful. There are times when posters who I DO want to see, participate in the Troll's thread so the function really doesn't help much.

    What is puzzling to me is the comment someone made about an eBike thread being moved HERE because it's about "advocacy". I don't recognize anything that resembles advocacy in the majority of them, arguing about what makes something a "motorized vehicle" is not advocacy. Arguing points of law with no law background is similarly off-topic.

    I'd be happy if eBike threads were just kept/moved there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by life behind bars View Post
    Use the report post function liberally.

    Mods don't read all posts in all threads, I'm not even going to try. I rely on users in my forum to let me know when things get out of hand.

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