On Friday I had the opportunity to view Trek Bike's
private mt bike trail in Waterloo. Wow! The guy who
built it gave Dave and I a personal tour. Jumps,
catwalks in the trees, skinnys, teeters, the
discombobulator, gap jumps, tree tops and an 18'
drop-off/jump. There was a bmx course, campfire ring
and plenty of good stories.

I took loads of pictures. Our next trail day for our
trail in the Nicolet National Forest is Saturday June
24th. We will be ready to work at 10:00 am. Meeting on
Campground Drive, a qtr mile north from WW. Everybody
who participates will get a CD of my photos of the
Trek trail, I have a few videos shot too.

A very cool video is of the employee bike locker room
for the bike commuters, complete with bike wash.

We have been making good progress on the south
connector and our goal is to have it punched through
before the July 4th weekend. Another strong turn-out
can ensure we have a great new trail section to ride
during the Holiday.

Due to the special nature of this ONE-Time offer,
please let me know in advance if you will be there. fsrpro-trailATyahoo.com. bike trail in subject line. better directions in prior posts.

As always, if you can not make it, please convince
some one else to come.