Trailbuilding near Airports-
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    Trailbuilding near Airports

    Anybody have an info on building trails on an airport property within the US. Our local group wants to build some singletrack on a smallish type airport...OK it's real small (no perimiter fence) on a wooded ridge that the airport doesn't use. What we are specifically looking for is if there are any groups out there that have a written agreement to build and maintain trails on an airport property.

    We were kind of stymied with the comment that the FAA probably would not allow this kind of activity. We countered with the fact that there is a snowmobile trail going through that same area. But the fact is is that snowmobiles have a state statuet exemption since they have a very powerful lobby in this state (Wisconsin).

    Thanks for any info you can give us.

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    I'm not sure how you'd search it, but I'm pretty sure there are a whole bunch of trails out by Sea-Tac in the Seattle- Tacoma area. I'm also not sure how legal they are.
    You might ask in the PNW, forum, also maybe ridemonkey, in their PNW forum as that one has a lot more traffic than ours does. That's where I've seen Seatac trails discussed. Good luck.
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    Did you...

    ...ask the snowmobile people what they did to get access?

    My experience with snowmobilers is they are very cooperative and eager to help. I attended some land use planning sessions for the expansion of a local park, and the snowmobile people were trying to get permission to make a trail across the park. Their rep. offered funding to the park to build a bridge, and approached us MTBers for support stating that he felt our access issues were aligned.

    If that's really how they feel, they should offer to help you.


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