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    Teeter construction advice needed

    I'll be building a teeter this spring and would appreciate advice on how to do it. I'll be using natural materials (2 logs). In particular what's the best way to attach the "plank" (long log) to the pivot (short log) without any fasteners? Pictures would help.

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    The best you could do would be a complex contoured notch in each log to keep the plank from rolling off the pivot. This will still be sketchy and unreliable at best. When teeters are built for public use - because you asked for advice - it should be way, way over engineered. A member of our local club is a fabricator, and he welded up some steel parts to hold the wooden parts together using carriage bolts. As long as the wood is refreshed as needed and every couple months someone puts a little lube on the pivot, it works pretty well.

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    Teeter construction advice needed-teeterfg.jpg

    This is the only teeter locally that I can think of. It has been there for at least 10 yrs.

    Note that the fulcrum log is sunk in - immovable.
    I am pretty sure that the pivot, which is strapped to the fulcrum log with the 3 bands, fits into very small notches in the beams of the teeter and is retained by steel straps - so you have wood pivoting on a metal shaft - unless they used bushings, which would make sense. I've never stopped to really study it.
    They seem to be indestructible, BUT they are heavy/slow and sometimes sticky/frozen. If you hit it fast enough, the picture above is the result. Locals know to make sure to break them loose in the Winter.
    Oh...and the approach is super smooth. The end of the teeter goes down into a hole/depression.

    Doing a log-on-log would require some triangles/notches or something, but if there is nothing to keep the teeter from bouncing off the fulcrum you will have large problems. Logs are pretty heavy (and slow) too.

    Good luck!

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