Success story in the making (ala "Pedal Driven") pro IMBA rant-
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    Success story in the making (ala "Pedal Driven") pro IMBA rant

    We had a good thing going locally a few years ago with a lightly used biking area that had lots of downed trees lying about. After a couple of years with only a handful of us building there were a few really fun jump lines that took a few of us from little tables to clearing 25' doubles in less than 2 years. We always stayed away from the beaten paths, always tried to make anything new look natural and never left evidence (i.e. dirt piles, stumps, big holes from mining dirt). Unfortunately the word got out and the popularity of the area exploded and it seemed everyone with a bike was bringing tools and trying to add their contribution to the area without a thought to any other trail users or keeping things on the d/l. Well you can guess what happened next, the local DNLR came in with machines and tore everything out. Years of work were destroyed in a day.
    So, we decided to take things legit and formed an IMBA club. In a relatively short time, we've incorporated, become an IMBA chapter, premiered "Pedal Driven" (great film if you haven't seen it) for a fund raiser, and had a visit from a great IMBA rep (Anna Laxague) who helped present our cast to the local authorities with great success. IMBA is now working on a preliminary master plan for the area and we're planning for future fund raisers to pay for the plans and building of an extensive expansion of the area.
    Often I hear (read) the standard bytch about IMBA..."what do they do for me and why should I give them my $?". Give them a chance and you'll see.

    Oh yeah, we even made the pages of Decline Magazine.
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    That is good news! Shame of your old trails though...
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    Thanks for the kind words! I was so happy to see this that I posted a link to this thread on IMBA's Facebook page.

    More or less an open invitation to flamers to add some less positive posts under the OPs contribution. Haters have to hate, I suppose, but nonetheless here's a big "mahalo" for the post!

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    I to will say that IMBA has done an amazing job helping our club get off the ground. Before the mountain bikers in our area were just part of the road cycling crew and we got laughed out of County meetings for even suggesting we get some land for MTB trails. We had some ups and downs including an accident causing all man made structures to be pulled from the (then) only trail we had. However, since becoming our own IMBA chapter things have turned out amazing.

    We have more riders using the trails then ever before, our diversity is growing (more female riders!), and the big one is that a neighboring county approached us to begin building a brand new trail system as a part of a larger park. We now have doubled the amount of accessable MTB trail in our area in about 3 years. Thanks to the support from IMBA sending the trail care crew and guiding us as we worked with local county officials we have made huge steps towards greater success!

    So yes, no hating here. Thank you IMBA for all that you do and will continue to do. Cape Fear SORBA salutes you!

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    I saw a lot of skepticism over the IMBA chapter program when it was first rolled out. My area barely has enough momentum to support a small club, and it's one county over from me.

    But, I have kept up with a few clubs I've worked with in the past. One club I helped found 12yrs ago went into the chapter program in the past month or two, and another I've had only a couple casual interactions with but has been a chapter longer. They're both doing very well.

    The one that's been a chapter for awhile gets a seat on a city advisory committee and went from having one club-managed trail to having MOU's on 11 trails, and having less formal arrangements at more than a dozen more. One of their trails earned the IMBA Epic designation, and they must deal with a respectable amount of funding. I've read of a few $10,000+ grants they've received over the years.

    The other club I helped start had 1 trail project 12yrs ago. The city developed another on their own with the club's help, and they've got 2 other projects going right now. Their geographic reach is much smaller than the older club. In joining IMBA as a chapter recently, they've been working hard to get the organization of the club more strongly formalized. It looks like the program is helping them out, but time will really tell.

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