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    We're putting signage on a short set of singletrack in an urban park this spring, and I'm gathering examples of cool and unusual signage systems -- carved rock, etched steel, interesting maps/graphics, etc... things beyond the standard USFS stakes w/ decals.

    So, if you're proud of your trail signs or have seen signs you especially like, please post photos/descriptions here.


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    I think the most unusual ones I've seen are:

    - carved into a boulder at the trail head

    - an inukshuk with the sign attached to it (looked like it was holding the sign)


    - one carved out of a really gnarly, knotted (cancerous(?)) wood

    sorry, no pics, though
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    Former fellow I-wee-jan here. Council Bluffs area.

    I use to spend a couple months each year traveling around the western half of North America, looking for good trails to ride. I would always stop and look over their trail signs, trail head maps, and quality of trail construction, in hopes of bringing some of those ideas back here to Flagstaff.

    When you mention it is an urban trail, I think of vandalism to signs. The cooler they look, the more people will want them hanging on their wall at home. I play some disc golf during the summer and have noticed how they keep trying out new signs to replace the vandalized ones. The beefier, the better. On more rural trail systems, I like big trail maps at the trailhead and something like a 6x6 piece of lumber burried in the ground, sticking up about 4-5 feet, with the top cut at a 45 degree angle and some sort of symbol cut or burned into the wood. Each loop can have it's own symbol and the posts are placed just far enough apart so that you are always in sight of one and can't get lost.Down in Tucson, there is an urban trail system called Fantasy Island. I think it has maybe 18 miles of trails that are a lot of fun. There is all sorts of interesting art along the trails. Even an old abandoned car that riders have made into an opportunity to work on trials skills.

    There is nothing worse than missing signs that result in people getting lost. It's a huge expense to keep replacing stolen or damaged signs.

    I'd go with metal. Maybe weld up parts of old junk cars. Somehow weld the trail names into the metal as well as the distances to various points. Paint will fade or peel. Wooden signs can be set on fire and tend to weather over time. Metal can also be damaged, so go with something thick that can't be bent over. I like the idea of using large rocks but they would be at ground level and vegetation would quickly grow to obstruct them. You could do something really dramatic at the trailhead. Maybe take am old tractor and wagon and place the map of the entire system on the wagon. Everyone visiting such a place would want a picture of themselves sitting on the tractor or sitting on their bike on top of the wagon. It sort of ties together with it being in farm country.

    Maybe you can get the materials donated and just find a person willing to help with the welding. Sounds like a fun project and it's great to hear of people looking at an artistic approach to signage. Very refreshing.

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