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    shopping spree

    I've just about finished spending our tools grant money.
    We are now the proud owners of

    a BOB Ibex with rack
    Sunnto clinometer
    measuring wheel
    hip chain
    2 Mcloeds
    Garmin GPS
    IMBA Library - assorted books for our members to check out
    2 cordless drills and an impact driver with battery packs
    mapping software ( haven't decided what yet)

    whew - and thanks to RockyRider for being our new quartermaster!!

    oh, there's several hundred dollars for signs, too, in the budget, that has to be determined.

    And then, to top it all off , met with city parks today, handed him our time sheet that shows 100+ hours so far this year, and he just says, "wish they'd all do what you do". We meet next week to discuss placement of Jersey barriers.

    this is like scary/exciting.

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    Congratulations...what's a hip chain?

    Also, what grant did you get and was the mapping software an eligble purchase?

    Are the jersey barriers to keep out motor vehicles? We need to find a way to get some of those...they seem like they would be un-movable.

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    Don't worry, be happy!
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    -hip chain: measuring device that you can use for cross country work to measure trail etc. It's a little box full of dental floss that you tie off, and walk it out as you go, it counts out the feet. Then you tear off the string and throw it away. Smaller to use than a wheel, hands free.

    -we got a conservation grant of $2200 from our local REI based on what we've done so far as a new club in our first year (!!) With the help of some good folks here and guys in our group, I put together a tool budget. It was really kind of a tool wish list, for things you would not ordinarily have in the garage, and yes, gps and mapping software is part of if. I have a personal copy of NG TOPO and I'm not sure that's what I think we should buy (that's a different thread, mapping software)

    -yes, jersey barriers to try and keep cars out at certain area where the road runs along the edge of the park. Notice, "try".

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