Rounding edges of rock?-
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    Rounding edges of rock?

    Have a bunch of 8-9" thick limestone chunks that I got from someone that was taking out a retaining wall last summer and am looking at creating a rock garden.

    A lot of the pieces were split from larger pieces either by hand or via cutting tools, so the edges are sharp enough that it makes me a little nervous about cutting up tires & potential injury.

    Wondering if anyone knows a good approach to rounding off or at least sort of smoothing the edges of rock. Not looking to turn this into something like smooth worn river rock, but it would be nice if it wasn't all jagged edges.

    The rock is all in our backyard close enough to the garage that I can reach with tools -- first thought is maybe an air hammer w/ chisel might work, but I figured I'd reach out to others to see if anyone knows of a better option.

    Examples of some of the rock:
    Rounding edges of rock?-img_20200309_190434753.jpg

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    stone carving

    You might have better luck than you imagine simply smashing the edges with a maul.

    This might be a bit of a stretch but you might get some ideas here. For what you have in mind, a cold-chisel will work as will a masonry bit, reground with a diamond stone to a chisel shape. Of course you could also order proper stone carving chisels. Here is a link

    If money is no object, then I think a pneumatic chisel would do the job famously but it's a bit expensive but then again, you might get inspired and become a stone carver .

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    hammer and chisel

    or cement mixer and time...but them rocks you show may kill the mixer
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    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    or cement mixer and time...but them rocks you show may kill the mixer
    that'd be one helluva rock tumbler. might wake the neighbors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harold View Post
    that'd be one helluva rock tumbler. might wake the neighbors.
    Haha like putting steel toed boots in a hotel dryer.....

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    The simplest way might just be to use a light hammer to hit the sharp parts straight on. Be sure to wear safety glasses and use a hammer designed for hitting hard things like that - something like a masons hammer - about $25 at Lowes for an Eastwing.

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