I was having a bad day when I posted the other thread about building agency relationships. I ( we, three of us) just had a meeting today with the main City Parks guy, and wow, things look pretty golden.

There had been some confusion because the adopt a park program manager was retiring, and it was all given to the new guy, who didn't have all the pieces of the puzzle. And while we took some liberties in putting together a mapping project, those who weren't happy about it were evidently overreacting. We have a friend in the department who ran some interference for us. We finally met with "our guy" today.

He likes that we are an IMBA affiliate and have insurance, that we've got good training from our local IMBA rep, we have a lot of information and manuals about stunt guidelines and trails, and we have some concrete ideas. In general, very supportive of developing riding at this area. The concerns he has are really valid: the city doesn't want to have to take over responsibility for maintaining something that is "special use". They have concerns about erosion and land abuse. The guerilla building is driving them nuts too and we can help legitimize it and hopefully bring those guys on board. He loves our mapping project: we have the community college GPS course doing trail and feature inventory, to be finalized in a GIS type format. ( free is good!)

We walked away from this meeting with a planned hands on session walking around the property in two weeks. In addition, we've been okayed to continue to do maintenance on the existing trail system, and will be getting a letter or something to formalize what is a verbal OK. Also, they will provide signs for us if we can detemine what is needed, and then we get to install. ( no motorized vehicles, etc)

I got a lot of good information out of that other thread and I want to thank folks for their input.