Greetings, I'm based in Northern IL about 30 minutes south of Rockford. I created this site to raise local awareness about the lack of local options to ride off highway. As I got more involved with it, I found myself wanting to include info about HR1349, and it has morphed into a site of local and national concerns. My concerns and questions are as follows-
  1. As a fresh set of eyes- does the site make sense to you? Is it engaging? If not what would you change?
  2. E-mail list- requires a plugin for platform like mailchimp and I would have to upgrade to business plan at $300/year. I feel like I need to start compiling since it's an advocacy site, but I also am concerned that people don't really care as much as I do, and I'll be spending $300 for nothing. Option 2- just use instagram for now to communicate and update(yes I know a lot of users aren't on insta)
  3. Any advice appreciated - be honest- I can take it.