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    mud crossing, clean it up?

    mud crossing, clean it up?-0106191157-06.jpg
    Hi all, crossing a ravine today and came across this mud pit. Would you fill in with rock (flat shale) or leave it? This crossing is usually frozen in winter and dry in summer. This is typical in spring. I had filled it in with the flat shale a few years ago so it was a dry crossing even when wet. A week later the rocks had been removed and it was back to mud. The approach from either side is moderately steep and climbable coming out. Most of our mud is sticky awful, gumbo, clayish, stay packing, sticky, heavy mess. But this spot is relatively non-offensive. I am more concerned about erosion.
    So, should I fill it in again??
    Thanks, MikeB

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    Quote Originally Posted by WMBigs View Post
    Click image for larger version. 

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    So, should I fill it in again??
    Thanks, MikeB
    Always a bummer when people undo thoughtful work. I have permission to do work on the trails from the Land Manager, but no authority beyond that. For me, if someone undoes my work, I leave it be; it has proven unproductive to start a war. In fact, I have pretty much stopped doing all work on our local trails because of the push-back. Not that I don't understand the urge to step into it swinging! lol

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    If it's not your property then you do not have the right to change anything. Contact the land manager and discuss the issue with them, see if they intend to deal with the issue, maybe offer a solution.
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    Bigger rocks. Rocks big enough that when a troll sees it they say, "fk that sht!" and keep going.

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    I'm actually impressed your community is clearly keeping to the tenant of not widening the trail. That's pretty consistent usage pattern through the middle. If this was local in Norcal there would be at least two braids around it by now I gather from the context that this trail is several years old. Given that, and your picture above, I would say erosion seems pretty in control. Maybe let that decide your action. If you start to see it really rut up or people start to braid around it, then maybe it is time for action, but as it is now, I would say leave it be.
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    Easiest thing might be to dig out the lower side a bit so the water drains off instead of puddling in the trail and take the trail down just a bit lower so the water is channeled into a narrower path. Any extra soil you dig up can be put back in the trail on either side to raise the tread. Then perhaps the trail will drain better and dry out quicker. From the way it looks, that might not work and it would probably have to be redone every year, but it would just take a few minutes.

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    You have permission to do trail work? Looks like you have some seasonal spring water moving across. A buried culvert would work. 6" or so. I'm a fan of big ( trashcan lid sized) flat rocks spaced apart so the water can move through.

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    Hard to tell from the pic. Is there ANY side slope to that spot? It appears flat and if it is, it won't drain and you're relying on evap. Importing a natural surface and raising that segment with a nice gradual transition on either side would make sense based on assumed conditions.

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