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    Mr Warf version 1

    MR Warf version 1 - YouTube

    Found this one showing the first concept for a machine that could be run down a roughed in route and would smooth the tread and munch the vegitation. Hardest part was the cutting heads and attachments. First ones were the mower blade and then much thicker blades that had vertical posts sticking down to scour the tread/veg. Twist of the blades was a problem along with destroying the even hardened steel posts. Final version for these small machines is a 24" disc harrow blade, 2 of them welded together, with 1.5" dia large replaceable carbide stump grinder teeth. Cutter holders are welded to the disc where the impact is distributed throughout, it has held up. Plow steel is tough to work with. Almost impossible to drill due to its' nature of getting harder as it is used.
    Bigger version has a 24 dia 9/16" thick impliment spec steel disc that same cutters are attached to. 3 on smaller, 4 on bigger . That will show up sometime as Mr Warf 3 version. Makes smoothing a tread and putting in new a lot easier for the huge amounts of us who build.

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    Great concept. Maybe you could add tracks instead of wheels and make it selfpropelled?

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