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    Looking for ideas for a bicycle give-away to promote our group & raise money.

    We're a 30+ y/o 503c MTB trail advocacy group. We do a yearly bike give-away at an annual workday event. For the last several number of years, the bike has been graciously donated by one of our LBS sponsors and has usually been a very entry level hardtail or FSR Specialized bike. The drawing has always been based on new or renewed membership to our organization, an IMBA charter, for that year. Non-members can sign up that day of the event for entry in the raffle. This is pretty much the ONLY sort of bike give-away we have ever done in all these years.

    A while ago, we had a member donate a once-used Rocky Mountain Dirt Jumper. It's showroom floor clean and very well equipped. IIRC, probably worth about $1500 new, maybe a bit more. Anyway, I have had this thing hidden in my home office for safe keeping to keep it pristine while there has been very little discussion on how to make it work for us. It's not a mountain bike, per se, but we do have a dirt jump oriented Bike Park that we originally partnered with the start-up and now are the responsible organization that has the MOU with the city that it serves so it's pretty much ours. It just makes sense to me personally that this bike belongs on that park and it would be a great way of raising funds and maybe engaging kids and community to get involved at the park and somehow win this cool bike to ride there.

    I'm not personally involved in the bike park but we do have a great coordinator that started that project and brought it to completion. She is absolutely swamped with work in addition to her involvement in dealing with typical operations of the park. The subject of having this bike pops up from time to time but nobody spearheads an idea of how best to make it work. It's not my forte. I've never done anything like this so I'm sort of tapped on ideas as I'm tasked with numerous other hats for our .org.

    I'm looking for ideas that maybe others here have utilized or have seen utilized to generate some funds and get a cool but pretty specialized use bike into someone's hands and benefit the park. I doubt that I'll be the one the carry out the suggestions but perhaps if I can bring some possible solutions to the table, someone might be willing to move forward with it.


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    Over the course of a season offer up tickets for the raffle depending on how many work days/hours they put in at the bike park specifically? Provide option for $ for tickets as well. Just need to sort the valuation of labor vs $$ per ticket. Advertise like mad at let people know they can enter either or both ways. Keeps the interest centered within the riders of that market.

    We usually give away donated entry level MTB's but one year we got a step-through commuter and a city-fixie each in the entry range. Tickets went in the pot the same way that they always do. The one person kept the commuter and I think the other person re-donated the fixie to a local kids charity. Cyclists will find a way.

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    The winner can pass it on or sell/trade it if it doesn't fit them in some way. Many times it's sold on the spot at events, has been my observation.
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