Well here is the email

Dear Congresswoman Lois Capps,

I am writing you today because there is an issue that affects me and my friends. The issue access for mountain bikes on trails on federal properties such as national parks like Yosemite and the Pacific Crest Trail. As it stands now riding bikes on the Pacific Crest Trail, and in many national parks is illegal. We are denied access to these trails because they are considered for non mechanized use only. Obviously the purpose for stating that mechanized vehicles such as ATV's, Motorcycles, and Jeeps aren't allowed on the trails is to protect the trails from being damaged. Somehow a human powered conveyance, the bicycle got thrown into the mix as well. Hiking on foot and horseback riding are allowed however. I would appreciate it if you could please do something to allow bikes on the trails. There have been numerous studies which show that mountain bikes have the same ecological impact on the trails as hikers on foot do. Studies have also proven that equestrian use of trails is more damaging to the trails than mountain biking or hiking. One of the most detailed studies can be found in a National Parks Service report called "Assessing and Understanding Trail Degradation: Results from Big South Fork National River and Recreational Area". The report was done by Jeffrey L. Marion of the USGS Patuxent Wildlife Research Center.

According the Centers for Disease Control, obesity is the number one health problem in the United States. By allowing mountain bike access in some of this country's most beautiful regions that problem can be fought. You don't see many fat mountain bikers, and the ones that are I am convinced are genetically predisposed. Riding a bike on a trail in the nature is fun, and healthy. Mountain biking culture is based upon health and happiness. After a long work week there is no better way to relieve myself of the accumulated stress than to connect with nature. Since I work many long hard hours I find it hard to work traditional exercise in to my busy schedule. Mountain biking has been the most effective way for me to find time in my schedule by combining it with my need to breath fresh clean air.

My son is four years old and he loves his bike too. Encouraging our children to do healthy activities is in the best interest for the future of this country. My son loves nature too. Views of waterfalls are one of his most favorite things. It's too bad that right now he can't ride a bike and check out some of the best waterfalls in Yosemite National Park. Keeping kids on bikes keeps them off drugs!

Obviously I don't live in your district being that I live in Sacramento. However I wrote you because you are the only house member on the Committee of Natural Resources Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests and Public Lands so I felt you would be the most appropriate person in the government to contact regarding this issue. Please use your influence in your committee to make a positive change in this country by taking mountain bikes off the list of mechanized vehicles list that keeps us off the trails. If you want to see what Mountain bikers are like just take a peek in the forums at http://forums.mtbr.com . We are a good bunch of people, and we vote!


KC Kimber
I had to put in a fake address on the email form on the contact page to get through. Seems she only wants to hear from her constituents. Hopefully she gets the message.