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    I am almost giddy about this. does it make me a bad person??? ATV's in Wis.


    Marathon County in central Wisconsin will not build an intensive-use area for ATV riders, according to the county's new snowmobile and ATV coordinator.
    Between his duties as the new coordinator and a county park ranger, Jon Daniels does not have time to pursue development of an ATV park, according to the Wausau Daily Herald.
    "Future growth of the sport in Marathon County remains largely in the hands of those wanting to hit the trails," the newspaper reported.
    Daniels was hired part-time to replace Dave Marg who resigned last October after admitting he stole about $25,000 in state snowmobile grants. Marg is charged with 11 felonies and faces up to 40 years in prison if conviced on all counts.
    Before he resigned, Marg had secured a $300,000 state grant for an ATV park he hoped the county would develop in the town of Cleveland. The land and money are no longer available.
    As a result of a subsequent state audit, Marathon County may not receive all of the money it has requested for trail maintenance.
    There may be broader consequences of the embezzlement by Marg, the newspaper reported. The state will require more county scrutiny of reimbursement requests by local ATV and snowmobile clubs for the trail maintenance they do.
    "Now that the trust has been broken, there's going to be ramifications to the state, to the counties administering the programs and the clubs that do the work," said Bill Duncanson, director of Marathon County's Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department, according to the Daily Herald.

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    That may have a negative impact on your local MTB trails. Now, instead of the ATV'ers heading to a specific park made for them, they could tend to ride on your trails. Hope that isn't the case.


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    As a mountain biker, you need to be careful not to become a trail snob. Hikers think of mountain bikers the way mountain bikers think of ATV riders. In fact, having ATVs around takes some of the pressure off of mountain bikers. I mean if anyone complains about mountain bikes tearing up the trails, all you have to do is say "what about ATV riders, they do far more damage plus they're noisy and polluting" (that goes for the ATVs as well as the riders themselves). Without ATVs, we're the bad guys.

    I don't particularly want to share trails with ATVs but having separate trail systems for them isn't going ruin my trail experience. There are some areas of Wisconsin where there is probably room for both. I mean, come on, is it fair to keep people off the trails just because they are fat and lazy?

    I would like to see some regulations that make ATVs and snowmobiles run cleaner. When cross country skiing, I've come across snowmobiles that give off more fumes than a city bus. And these are new machines. That is a problem.

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    I think we all have the rights to enjoy ourselves. I have no problems with atv's on their own trails. I'd rather them on their own specific trails rather than on my singletrack. I share some trails with horses. It doesn't bother me one bit as long as specific trails stay as just that. It's easier on everybody if we all have our own trails.
    As far as the "fat and lazy"... I've ridden a couple quads and I'll admit, they're fun! It doesn't mean cause someone would rather use an engine that they can be stereotyped into this specific category. But that's off topic and another discussion altogether.

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