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    Hey trail buildin' beer lovers....

    As y'all know, I am working with our local award winning brewery here in JH on some marketing and promotional ideas. Jackson Hole Restaurant | Snake River Brewery
    I was shooting the poop with our local trail group, and jokingly came up with an idea for a specialty summer brew that I think could have some great appeal and saleability. I was thinking of something for all of the hardworking FS people, woodland firefighters, and awesome trail crews everywhere, the one and only Golden Pulaski Ale. (you earned your GPA!)
    Think quaffable, mildly hopped, decent BAC, and I think you would have a winner with broad regional appeal. Great for volunteer appreciation (thanks, volunteers, for coming out, everyone gets a Golden Pulaski today!). I have already started some promotional graphic ideas using the bike parts/ tools theme, with a bit of fire, helicopters, big jumps, and scenic trails as background themes just for fun. I know it is a long shot, but everyone gets it, and thought I should shoot the idea over to you. Could be a perennial favorite for late summer...
    Either way, I do want to shop this around. I would love to hear your thoughts!
    Oh, last thing, I was also thinking that a portion of proceeds could go to TVTAP and TFR (our local trail groups)...this could be a win-win from both a marketing angle for you, and a fundraising angle for the advocacy groups. Maybe even name a trail after it...

    (this is a copy of my first e-mail to the Brewer!)

    Can you guys help me make this brew happen?
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    Sounds like a really cool idea to me. Not sure of the economics, but with slocaus getting over 200 volunteers at a trailwork day, he may make it profitable all alone. GPA, DLA (dark loam ale), TPA (treeroot pale ale) in a mixed 6 pack?

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    mmmm...dark ale.
    ...building wherever they'll let me...

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    OK, I'll pick up a couple cases the next time I go to Snake River Brewing.

    Btw, nice video for the area (including shots of the brewery) in youtube
    Jackson Hole. It's where the snow is! - YouTube

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