Two items of importance from your friends at BONC:

- New Trails Burlington Ridge Need Your Help
- Help Promote Trails at Spenceville Wildlife Area


Burlington Ridge is off of Highway 20 near the Pioneer Trail east of Nevada City. It offers excellent riding opportunities.

The USFS has released the Burlington Ridge Trails Project Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS). This document specifies the scope of the project, which would result in almost eight miles of new trails at Burlington Ridge, including an exciting extension of the Hallelujah Trail!

This project has received opposition of a few ummm... zealots who oppose any and all new trail construction in this area. As a result, the USFS had to prepare this costly and time-consuming FEIS.

THIS PROJECT NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT: Please write a letter or email in support of the FEIS and the suggested Alternative D. Without this support, this project could stall and die. A sample message is below; feel free to tweak as you wish. Please submit this by September 26th:


[email protected]

Mary Furney
Tahoe National Forest, Yuba River Ranger District
631 Coyote Street
Nevada City, CA 95959

Dear Ms. Furney:

This letter is in support of the Burlington Ridge Trails Project Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) and adoption or Alternative D.

The Forest Service has carefully evaluated the needs of recreationists and considered the environmental impacts of trail construction with the aforementioned project. Clearly, there is a need for more trails at Burlington Ridge given the area's popularity. Alternative D provides these opportunities, curbs illegal and user-built trail use and helps sustain the area's natural resources.

Please continue in you plans to create these trails as described in the FEIS. I appreciate the Tahoe National Forest's efforts to create environmentally responsible trails in the backcountry.


Spenceville Wildlife Area (west of Grass Valley) will soon have a new management plan and it is up to you to help promote multiple use trails as part of that plan.

The State Department of Fish and Game is creating a new management plan and Mitigated Negative Declaration for Spenceville. As with the South Yuba planning process, this is a unique opportunity to establish pro-trail policies at Spencerville. We like using trails there and have been frustrated with the lack of legal multiple use trails in the gorgeous 11,448 acre area.


1) Write, fax or email a letter (see below)

2) Attend the upcoming public meeting in Nevada City at 6PM on Wednesday, September 28th at City Council Chambers, Nevada City Hall, 318 Broad Street. Come and make comments, provide input and let the agency know how you feel.

Due no later than November 5th, 2005

Email: [email protected]

Steve Cordes
Associate Wildlife Biologist
California Department of Fish and Game
Sacramento Valley and Central Sierra Region 1100 Fortress Street, Suite 2 Chico, CA 95973
FAX: 530.895.4236

Dear Mr. Cordes:

This correspondence is in support of the establishment of multiple use, non-motorized trail access at Spencville Wildlife Area. The creation and designation of such trails at Spenceville is entirely in accordance with the Department's mission to protect and enhance wildlife values, while providing for appropriate public uses.

Allowing for bicycle access on well built, sustainable trails allows citizens to enjoy and appreciate values of this special area and discourages all visitors from going off trail. Local groups like Bicyclists of Nevada County (BONC) are ready cooperate with the Department to provide volunteer labor to improve environmentally-sustainable trail at Spenceville. BONC has maintained local trails on BLM, State Parks and USFS lands for over a decade.

Many studies time and again have shown that bicycles have no more impact on wildlife and natural resources than hikers and have less impact on trails than horses. The Department should acknowledge this in planning for appropriate uses at Spenceville and not rely on old clich�s that cannot withstand scientific scrutiny.

Thank you for your consideration.