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    Help me out

    I live in Okinawa Japan, and the jungle here grows really fast. So I guess my question is does

    anyone know of a good plant/brush killer so we can actually see the trail? I guess im thinking

    of a product ive seen used in construction areas after they clear an area of the brush, they

    spray some green stuff that covers the ground which im guessing keeps crap from growing.

    Anyway id appreciate some positive feedback...

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    That green stuff is called hydro-seeding and it is a mixture of pre soaked grass or other seeds and peat moss. The seeds germinate quickly and prevent erosion. It is mixed with a green dye so they can see where they sprayed it.

    Speaking of's best to just cut back your trail growth with hedge clippers and volunteers than to use herbicides but if you want to spray, first you'll need to get permission from the land manager.

    They will most likely suggest something like "round up" which kills almost anything it is sprayed on, goes into the plant system and kills it down to the roots. Usually, you need to be certified to apply the chemical and need to take precautions to protect your self and other trail users from the residue.
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    Pesticides are probably going to be most effective saving time and money. Where I live it is not an option. If you go this route be carefull there are heavy fines in the states for using them on some public lands.

    I have to use mowers, tractors down to weed whips, and hand tools. Good old blood and busted knuckles work. If you are on a base then this could be an easy option. Sell it as some type of PT trail or bird watching thing. Good luck

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    Herbicides work quickly with a minimum of effort. The problem is that for a trail, you've gotta go back and clear out the dead brush later.

    You're probably better off using power tools to cut back the jungle. Weedeaters, brush mowers, etc. You eliminate the hassle of dealing with chemicals, it's still fairly efficient (compared to using hand tools), and the land manager (or volunteers) already have some of the equipment.

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