Help with forest service precedents!!!-
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    Help with forest service precedents!!!

    I am looking to compile a comprehensive list of examples where the FS (and other agencies) have adopted and legalized trails that were originally user created and/or technically illegal. I know of many offhand, but i would like to compile an official list, with names, places, dates, and even paperwork to back up the legitamacy. I would like to present this to FS brass as solid and concrete examples of how the Mt. Biking community is evolving, and just how significant our volunteer contributions have been to the trail inventory the the FS (and other agencies) oversee. I believe that we are far more powerful and a potential asset to the FS than they even realize, and am looking to back this up with precedent data. If you know of any trails in your area that fall under this category, from pirate to official, I would love to be able to document it! We can reverse some of the current anti MTB trend if we organise, and present just what power we possibly wield!
    Thanks, R
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    It is far more important to show use of legal designated trails.

    Many, if not most, user created trails are in poor locations and cause resource damage. If the land agency ever incorporates the trail into the transportation system it is likely large portions will need to be relocated or rebuilt.

    I know of a few existing trails in my area that fell into disuse and nearly disappeared until the mtn bike use resurrected it and the FS put funding back into it based on mtn bike use alone.

    Now, the econuts are lobbying to have them closed to bikes, after the mtn bikers are the ones that kept it alive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dave54
    It is far more important to show use of legal designated trails.
    Read more carefully.

    He's looking for examples of ***currently legal, official, designated trails*** that were either unofficially or illegally constructed, and were later adopted or otherwise legitimized by the local powers that be.

    This is actually very common: I'm not involved in trail politics and I know of an example.

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