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    Gorilla Snot?

    There are several downhill and park style flow trails I'm working on that are built in areas with poor soil. I'm planning on using turfstone to address rutting in some of the jump landing areas.

    My other thought is using soil binders. Wondering what experience builders have had using Gorilla Snot? Can we mix it in with a tiller and compact it? How long will it hold up without maintenance? Does it need regular watering which is a problem since we don't have access to water? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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    "Gorilla snot" I have seen used where we ride on the road areas... we managed to get them to put a little down on our start/finish area. It works pretty good...

    It pulls moisture in from the air (in the cooler damp mornings) and holds it. Even if you do not have access to water it works pretty well.

    I did hear it can be expensive though... smells kinda bad when you first put it on. There are different types/brands too apparently.

    All that being said if I were to have access to it on all the trails we use, I'd do it if I could....
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    Cactus, Thanks for the input!

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    what about pitching in the landing and rut prone areas?

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