First Ladder Drop-
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    ... and if we just ... First Ladder Drop

    Built this early, still needs tweaking. I need to lift up the beginning end of the ramp to level it out a bit as the approach is quite short and it should be good to go. It's surprisingly stable and strong. I weigh 230lbs (lost 40lbs since last november, shooting for 200 by mid-april!!!) and I was bouncing on the whole rig and it wouldn't budge. It's about 10 inches lower than my shoulder so it's probably somewhere around 4 feet tall. The landing is downhill followed by a sharp left turn after 20 feet so I'm going to need to build up a bigger berm so I don't pancake into a tree.

    I've never went off anything like this before (besides a 3 foot drop off into a soft-dirt water run-off) so it's going to be awesome whether I stick it or eat sh*t. I'm really thinking about taking a foot off the height just to play it safe but I don't know yet. Any tips, comments, ideas?

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    1st off, congrats on dropping weight!! Keep up the good work and stick with your routine! I lost 35lbs (240 to 205), cheated a couple times and then gained back 15lbs due to picking up old habits lol. Back on track now though

    Assuming you haven't hit this yet, couple questions:

    What are you riding?
    How fast are you hitting it?
    Skill level?

    I'd say I'm a novice rider. I ride a 26" hardtail right now and I don't think I'd roll that bad boy. For me, the upward angle is pretty aggressive and looks intimidating to me for the 4' drop on the other side (for a +200lb on a hardtail). A foot lower and you could probably jump that beast right into the berm with some speed. Otherwise, if you looking for something to roll on and drop off of, I'd either make the angle a little flatter, or build a steep ramp up to a platform (for a little challenge) and then drop off.

    With enough speed and a cush enough bike, this is nothing. If I still had my F/S I'd probably go for, but IMO you could make more fun!

    Good luck and keep us posted on your build!! Get some actions shots!

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    You shouldn't nail into live trees. For one they're growing which means your feature won't stay level for long.

    It is your backyard though...

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