Hi there everyone, just an update on the Dufferin Forest Management Plan proceedings. So far so good, due to the response they are now creating a Recreation Plan as well which Mountain Biking is included in.
You can read the Draft Recreation plan here:

Welcome to the Dufferin County Forest Website

Here's a note that I've sent to others with regards to it and the items we would like to see altered. Wondering if you could pass it along, and feel free to add on to it as well.

Notes regarding the Dufferin Forest Recreation Draft Plan:

The current proceedings are going very well with respect to mountain biking in the main track at Dufferin Forest. Lots of positive things are being accomplished which should benefit the mountain bike community. I thank everyone who has completed surveys, sent e-mails and shown their support. All that has been accomplished so far is because of your support.
The next step is in place: I urge everyone to read the draft plan and please show up at the Draft Plan "open house" in Orangeville or Mansfield and make it known that you are part of the mountain bike community. Please fill out the comment form before you go and please e-mail with your opinions. All the e-mails have made an impact.
The main points in the Draft we would like to see modified are:

With reference to the Dufferin County Recreation Draft Plan I have the following comments:

1. Under "General Rules of Etiquette" we would like see the omission of the "most trails experience problems in the spring". The justification for this is that trail conditions vary year round and should always be respected, not just in the spring.

2. Under the "Separating Trail Uses" section we would like to see the omission of the "where trail uses are separated, trails will be designated for a particular use, but this shall not be construed as granting exclusive use." The justification for this is that the main reason for separating trail users is to avoid dangerous situations, user conflicts and trail damage occuring on trails that are not designed for multi use but are user specifically build trail. We believe it is extremely important to have completely separate trail networks between cyclists/hikers and equestrians.

Feel free to cut and paste the above and send it to :

[email protected]

Thanks so much again for everyone's support in this endeavour and please continue to push forward as your help is essential.

See you on the trails, Johnny

For more info check up on us at Team Van Go and look under "trail info".

Another note, the trails in Dufferin are cleaned up, dry and ready to ride! Only one section of logged forest left to rebuild.