I took over as our club President this past year. Good turnover on some things, others not so.
We took a couple club functions in new directions this year and actually generated interest and support from a few local non-biking related businesses. This of course requires a 501(c)3 letter. Searching online, asking a couple different people for advice, and even one of the business owners, I have received various ideas on how a 501(c)3 letter should be written. I have not heard any complaints about what I have put together so far, but since I am so new at this, I wonder what those of you that have far more experience with this issue, have come up with and use. I know the owners of the local businesses that contributed this past year and expect that there is some level of acceptance regardless of what I send, but I would like to have some sort of standard and level of professionalism targeted specifically towards trail building and mountain biking.

I guess I am looking for a warm fuzzy on just knowing how others, in my shoes, deal with this or even help me do it better.

Any advice or words or wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.