cross-post, mountain bikers building bridges, literally.-
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    cross-post, mountain bikers building bridges, literally.

    Cross post from the so cal board and some background.

    Mid summer 2011 a group of riders approached the SDMBA about creating a sub-group with the specific goal of bringing a bike park to San Diego. The SDMBA welcomed the group with open arms, allowed the group to begin helping to raise money, awareness and the "Progressive Riders Organization" was born. SDMBA-PRO as it is now known and it has expanded from strictly a bike park goal to the goal of promoting progressive riding opportunities in San Diego.... a bike park, DH, FR, super-D etc.

    With government, the egg is fairly hard to crack and we've been working to take any opportunity to prove our ability, skill and value. It hasn't been easy. A few have been to work on this for years, we've heard just about every excuse out there but still haven't been told "no" so we continue to head up any effort possible.

    Balboa Park is one of the "crown Jewels" of San Diego. The Morley Field area of the park houses San Diego's Velodrome, hosts a SoCalCross CX race as well as a Racers&Chasers event almost yearly. This is also an area where a bike skills park has been proposed. The terrain is far from technical but there are trails in Balboa Park and the opportunity to ride a few miles in the city with the Coronado Bay Bridge as a back drop is unique.

    December 2010 brought record rain in San Diego destroyed many trails. In Balboa Park one trail that ran along Pershing drive was washed out in various sections. The result was to hop a guard-rail on to a road with cars whizzing by at 50MPH, then hop back an on to the trails.

    A long time SDMBA member approached the city about repairing the trail sections with some "bridges" then came to the newly formed SDMBA-PRO group to ask that we take the project on. Just months earlier New Belgium Brewery's Tour De Fat allowed SDMBA and SDMBA-PRO to raise some funds. We worked together and decided where better to invest these funds than back into the park that has hosted NBB Tour De Fat in the past.

    While more social and commute trails, the SDMBA-PRO group jumped at this opportunity to make things happen and funded the project 100%, to show the city what can be accomplished through volunteer efforts and to display the effort and skill of the group.

    Below is a short video of the SDMBA, SDMBA-PRO and various volunteers braved cold weather (OK, this is San Diego, 60 is cold!), rain and speeding cars to build a bridge.

    Estimated users (bikers, hikers and runners)of this "bridge" is in excess of 2k users a month. The thanks from all users (including hikers and runners) has been incredible.

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    SDMBA-PRO full story...
    SDMBA-Progressive Riders Organization
    Facebook link
    San Diego Bike Park | Facebook
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    We had a lot of fun building it.

    Now that it is done, I hope it makes some serious inroads with the ranger. San Diego needs a bike park....

    Now if the city of San Diego would just figure out the liability portion that has derailed every attempt to date.
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    I dig this,

    I think we'll be looking into some timelapse photography for our next volunteer day. The local volunteer trails community has been waning in the past year, and we're in need of a some media marketing to bring in some new blood. Thanks for the post.

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    So cool, I want to get something like this going in Utah.

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