On Oct. 16 at 9 AM to 3 PM there will be a SGL driving tour of GL 211 also known as Stony Creek Rail Trail. Numerous motorists (Normally restreicted) will drive the 18 mile railgrade starting from Ellendale, Dauphin County to Gold Mine Rd. Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.

I am calling owt to the biking community:

We well know that PGC has restricted multi- use access to almost all of its land holdings. Only areas with designated routes are considered rideable. Some would say this desicion was reached as MT bikers are often viewed as a group with little organization and low stewardship of the land they use- often a hard point to argue in support of riders....

Stony Creek has a designated route that is fun and can be challenge to all user groups. But it is now threatened.....Go to www.savestonyvalley.com for more information.
A short version:The Ft. Indiantown Gap military installation is proposing to "swap" off land within the valley for a Restricted "Artillery Buffer Zone". This line comes dangerously to the Rails-to-Trails and creek.

I feel this is a perfect opportunity for bikers of all walks to come owt on this day to show the public, PGC and press bikers support the lands available to us to be used. We need to support wilderness areas and the access to them. Their not making anymore wilderness areas and certainly not much is done for improvement of acces to exsisting ones. The biking community has been silent in any support of Stony Valley.

Any support to come owt on this day would be much appreciated. The more riders we can get owt- the better the impression left. By supporting Stony Valley a great impression can be left of how bikers can actually be interactive with the lands they ride upon.

Please feel free to contact me, Josh, at 717.921.8212 if you need other information.
Thank you for your time.