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    City Comes through

    Since this is good news, I don't want to keep bumping up that bummer title, so I'm starting a new thread with a more positive title. If you haven't been following this saga and want some background, read through my previous post titled "Can't win for losing, City dug up my track" for context.

    Finally seem to be gaining some legitimacy and got the City's Assistant Director of Parks and Rec, the school's grounds Super to meet, on the track, and had what seems like a productive meeting. City Sup easily accepted that they should include watering needs for the track in their irrigation system and suggested a simple solution. He also gave me the names of the two people below him in the chain of command, the supervisor of our field and the field guy who actually does the work. I got several on the spot promises from the school Sup and one was done by lunchtime!

    Things are looking up!

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    Nice! It really is surprising sometimes what can happen when people look at something with their own eyes and realize someone is trying to do something for the kids, and they realize there is actual work going into it, and they can be a huge help at very little cost or effort. They can suddenly become very helpful.

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    Yep! More work done by the District today. At the meeting, I pointed out a couple of heads in a leg of the irrigation system that had been abandoned. By lunchtime today, it had already been partially repaired and is functioning! This part of the system is perfectly positioned to provide water to one of 4 large features. Seems I was digging in the middle of an irrigation minefield, can't work out how I didn't hit something. Who was it here that laughed when I wrote that the Super had assured me I was good anywhere, up to 2' down?

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