Take part, get involved let them hear your voice. Read it, and send them a well written email.

(text below was sent to me by a friend)

The Bush Administration is proposing that the USFS sell off our lands to support rural schools as a part of their 2007 budget proposal. This includes the system of trails called the "dots" in Nederland and many more parcels of Land in Boulder County. A total of 88 parcels totaling 2100 acres in Boulder County.

Both Democrats and Republicans are against this program. Here is an excellent article on this subject: http://ww.longmontfyi.com/Local-Story.asp?ID=6643
More info on this can be found at
The map that shows what they want to sell off can be found here

We need to stomp this program out of existence. You can submit your comments via email to the Federal Register; send by March 30 to [email protected]