building over round logs-
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    building over round logs

    We have about 5 x downed individual and multiple log sets that are off and on the ground, that we would like to build up and over

    I understand the basic philosophies of building a ladder ramp or skinny over downed logs, but looking for thoughts on what the simplest and best designs are over rounds logs, as well as picture examples. In particular, looking for bracing and how to secure the features to the top of the logs - I have seen anything from notching the 2x6 to better rest against the round log to actually cutting into the top of the downed log so the feature 'rests' into it easier.

    We will be using processed non natural wood (no natural cedar to utilize). We want to keep them as simple as possible as no power tools except power drill. Thanks!

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    One thing to be sensitive to is the log slowly falling over time. That may be a factor when you're building your ramp.

    If you have trees that are bent or are naturally bent, you can try something like in the picture below. Nat and Rachel Lopes of Hilride Progression Development Group helped with this while they were with IMBA.


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    Pine works OK too if you want to go natural. But if you are using storebought could still be very creative. Dont forget that rocks are your friends...the dont erode and usually dont move too easily if they are heavy enough and positioned correctly. You could also incorporate one half of a log pile and the other a skinny(either entrance or exit). We go all natural (except for occasional spikes) but maybe this will give you some ideas.
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