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    brush mower?

    How many clubs own/rent brush mowers? If you own one, how did you decide to buy vs. rent?


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    We (SORBA-CSRA) have 2 15 HP DR Field and Brush mowers.

    We bought them years ago with an RTP Grant - and the purchase was budgeted in the grant as we never really considered renting them.

    They work great, but now are 6ish years old and need some TLC more often.

    Another useful product along these lines in a "hedge trimmer on a stick". It is basically a motorized hedge trimmer on a pole-saw. Ours is a Stihl. It doesn't cut straight down the edge of the trail as quickly as the DR does, but it has versatility that the DR doesn't have. The combo of a DR mower followed by the trimmer is a very good method of getting the bulk of the vegetation with the DR and the details with the trimmer.

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    You may also consider an old fence row mower like farmers used to use. Basically the DR's are a newer more refined (Expensive) version of these. You can usually find them for around $200-$400 dollars and they're work horses. The one we've got can cut down trees in excess of 3" in diameter. Be careful with them as they were designed before OSHA laws were prevelent, but if you use good common sense they can be a great asset.

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    We have 1 DR 17hp field and brush mower and two 6.75 DR trimmer/mowers. They work great for keeping the grasses at bay in some of the open stretches. We also have a couple of guys who have big tractors with 'real' field mowers that bring 'em over and do the longer stretches of open area.

    We bought them with an RTP grant also.

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