Balancing Work Days to Riding Days-
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    Balancing Work Days to Riding Days

    So, I have a confession ... I did not work on my trail at all for the last 3 days and instead rode all three days on trails OTHER than my trail... Yes, I know I should be flogged, tarred, and feathered!

    This got me thinking though, how do *you* manage your work days to riding days? My balance is pretty out of whack with probably 3 work days to 1 riding day at best. I mostly ride what I build to check for issues / tweaks etc.

    I am hoping to avoid burnout (unlikely as I am highly obsessive), but figured some of you more seasoned builders have probably figured out, the hard way I am sure, what the "best" balance / ratio is.

    So how much work versus play do you put in?

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    Iíve been working one night a week on a new trail my group is building, but usually I average a monthly volunteer night.

    But over the last few years I have spent way more hours in advocacy and planning meetings than on my bike. Itís not even close.

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    I don't even know what balance is. But then, I get paid to build tail. Each person has to arrive at that spot for themselves, where they are spending the time on the bike that makes building trail worth while, or spending enough time building trail to make riding satisfying. I know people who only volunteer build, who have taken years off, then come back to it strong, riding the whole time. I know others who got so obsessed building they got frustrated and sold their bikes and quit everything to do with it never to be seen again.

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    I spend all my time posting on MTBR, getting in arguments about tires and wheel sizes and fork offset and leverage ratios and chainsaw bar lengths. I donít even ride anymore, let alone build trail.

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    It's cyclical or me.I have some paid work in the spring but not much. Maybe.1 day in 10 paid overall.

    In the spring I ride a lot. By by middle of June I crave new trail and instead of driving, that is my motivation to build.

    In the fall I'm usually done with the major project and mostly ride, but will still do things around the local network that I can complete in a day.

    I just try to be honest about what gets me stoked at any given time and go with it, but it usually shakes out like this. I volunteer build probably 2 to 3 days for every ride. Everyone needs to find their own balance.
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    Just gotten back into riding, but I'm really enjoying building new stuff too. Fortunately the weather dictates work or ride days. If it's too wet to ride the soil is easy to dig.

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    For me, it's seasonal. During the dry summer months, when the soil is too dry to do tread work and fire restrictions are in place, it's time to ride. In the wet/rainy winter months it's there isn't enough daylight after work to build, so I do night rides. The riding is more limited in the wet months, which leaves more time to build on during daylight on the weekends. And I usually ride before and/or after building. 30 minute drive to where I most often build, so we don't normally build on weeknights there, but I have taken some days off work here and there to build.

    Spring and fall are both good for riding and building, so that can be more of a challenge feeling like I'm missing out on some of the best riding of the year when I'm on a build day.
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    It depends on too many factors to state a ratio.

    The weather was unbelievably bad this year where I live. We only got a single 2-week stretch of dry weather, and the local trails were closed most of the summer. So I ended up doing a lot of trail work. Either on specific locations that dried quickly, or doing brush clearing and scouting/flagging for new trail.

    Then there was the stretch at the end of July where I was trying to finish a reroute in time for the upcoming trail fest, and I hardly rode at all for several weeks.

    I definitely did not ride as much as I would have liked in 2018.

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