Back yard pump track

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  • 06-11-2018
    Back yard pump track
    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.
    I want to build a small pump track for my son in my back yard, he is only starting out on his push bike, he's only 2. I was just wondering if anyone has done this or had any pics, again I'm just looking to make something small and simple for him to play around on and have fun, nothing over the top.
  • 06-11-2018
    Boulder Pilot

    The link should help you find the information you seek. Have fun, take pictures, post some here as your track evolves. Cheers.
  • 06-18-2018
    I did this when mine was little.

    Had quite a few good times for a couple years. Once he needed it to get substantially bigger to be fun for him, it became very hard to keep enough traffic rolling to maintain it's condition (the best thing for a pumptrack is plenty of tires IME).

    Now I've got a bunch of humps in my yard that are a PIA to mow, but have ended up building a town pumptrack instead, and it's pretty kick-ass. :)
  • 06-23-2018
    Had one of my own as do several of my friends. We are all dads with kids on bikes.

    Pumptracks are notoriously hard to maintain in wet climates. Heavy rains erode them. Weeds grow quick. Drainage needs to be managed inside berms with French drains or buried pipe pitched to the exterior. Downhill neighbors might not be thrilled with muddy stormwater. Do you have access to good clay as they are ideally built up rather than into the existing grade where water becomes an even bigger issue.

    You also have to get the geometry right or it'll always feel a little off.

    I eventually removed mine to prep the house for sale. Honestly, if yours or a neighboring community has a public one I'd just use that. Much less hassle unless yours is the kind of family that would use it nonstop justifying the effort.
  • 07-28-2018
    It is interesting reading the experience of those who have done this. My daughter has been talking about building a track in her yard; she has the perfect yard for it. She built some ramps and incorporated a kiddie roller coaster, but I don't think she's using any of that anymore. In February she bought a commercially produced ramp for the kids to ride, which I think is holding up well. This requires no maintenance and can be added to and reconfigured at will.

    I'm conflicted because a pump track sounds like lots of fun but after reading what Slap and Clay have to say, I'm wondering if maybe just adding more free-standing obstacles would be a better approach. Sorefingers, have you started anything yet?
  • 07-29-2018