Austin Trails in danger of closure-
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    Austin Trails in danger of closure

    That should get your attention!

    There's an org called the BCP
    they have aquired about 30K acres in NW Austin, prime MTB land and have/are setting it aside as no access high fenced areas for the preservation of some endangered species.

    Some of the land was purchased with bond money that was raised with sales to the public for the purpose of park lands then deeded over to the BCP who shut it down with zero scientific evidence to warrant the action. Some of it is exising open park lands that trails have existed for a long time and grandfathered in at existing use levels. We are very concerned that they will decide one day to close it off (and in fact are trying to do just that to a piece (Turkey Creek) used forever as an off leash dog park) Some of the land they have aquired was private property that trails have existed on for years that now is being closed off.

    What we need help with:

    Right now, the citizens advisory committee is accepting recommendations and feedback to proposed management changes. We need help getting a high volume of pro access submissions. We are not anti environmentalist whatsoever.. We just want fair access to our parks.

    This is the first in the nation, a pilot program if you willl wherein they work with developers to allow them to develop x amount of land in exhange for x amount of land for preserve space. They plan to roll out more to other communities.. We have been trying to get these people to open their minds to the idea that we can work together.

    Please visit this site and lend your voice


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    Land Banks

    so what you have is a developer that gets to build on land that might have some sensitive environmental issues, on the condition that they purchase land in another area that will be set aside to help offset those issues? or mitigating the impacts.
    seems like if the mitigation works for the developer to build, then there should also be some mitigation for lost recreation if the site chosen for the reserve can be proven as a valid recreation area. this mitigation could include leaving the trails open with management to protect the plants and wildlife.
    might be an angle to use.
    PS, you are not the first area for this to happen, been going on in Northern California for a couple years now.
    difference is we are not losing any recreation area that I know of, just some pasture.
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