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    Approaching City Staff

    I'm going to be approaching a key City of Pickering (where I live) staff member about talking about mountain biking on the only natural surface trail in the town. I already know from phone calls to others in the City that the perception is that we "tear up the trails."

    The land in question is managed privately right now, but that will be changing in the future. Not sure when, but the land to the East of it will be developed and part of that plan is to keep the river/trail part of the "open space." Now is the time for me to start talking with these people, rather than later.

    My plan is to write a letter pointing out some of the studies in the last few years that clarify the relative impacts of cycling vs. other uses, touch on the need for a cooperative approach rather than an adversarial one, etc. My goal is to get in to meet with this guy, or him and his staff, to start the dialog and relationship building.

    So to get to the point. I'm asking for any advice you can give me. I will be tackling this problem from the other side by approaching my councilors as well. Or should I send the letter to everyone all at once?

    Thanks everyone.
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    Look into some funding that the city could obtain to help with this project. If you show them how everyone could benefit, it may help. I would also approach bike shops and clubs and ask fo rtheir support. perhaps they would agree to vollunteer for a day of trail maintenance per month...

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    what is the goal of the meeting? To get a trail opened to mountain biking?

    I'd say, be prepared, be polite. We have had much success with presenting IMBA materials, and what we can do for them ( not what we want them to do for us!) Are you working solo or with an organization? If you are part of an organization your chances of moving forward are much greater.

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