Anyone try the Hybrid Shovel?-
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    Anyone try the Hybrid Shovel?

    Every time I want to bring a shovel out on the trail I have to choose between a spade and a flat shovel, and feel like neither one is just right for trail building and maintenance. The spade is too pointy unless you are just straight up digging out and moving lots of material and I probably use it the least. The flatty is good for moving loose material and light digging / scraping, plus slap packing dirt and features. But for things like clearing drains neither is perfect.

    My GF has a HERShovel which I've used a few times and it sort of has a flattened tip to it's general spade shape. It works pretty well for general maintenance, but I prefer a long straight handled shovel.

    So that made me start searching, is there another shovel with a hybrid spade / flat head that would be good for general trail maintenance? Literally searching that phrase in Google brought me to this one:

    It looks like it might be the ticket, and since it isn't expensive, I'll probably get one to try out.
    Anyone use it? Thoughts? Any other good options?

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    imho, if you are going to spend any real time
    a real shovel and a real hoe...and 4 awesome straps to yer backpack

    compact and combo tools are good for recon missions, looking for things to adjust
    but not so hot for pre-planned work imho
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    To be honest, that looks like the worst of both worlds. I rarely use a shovel for trail work, if I do itís typically only slap packing a berm or jump face, or shaping one, both of which I want a flat shovel for. Of course, Iím completely spoiled when it comes to moving dirt. If I have to dig dirt out of the ground to make a feature with, I use a mini ex, so a pointed shovel is...well, pointless for me.

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    spade is too pointy? I use a spade for making clean edges when gardening. I'd never take it anywhere near a trail. A traditional pointed shovel is good for digging small holes, but less well for scooping material. Also not something that I really do with trails so much except on the odd occasion I need to make a small borrow pit which is rare. A square bladed scooping shovel is more useful for trail work. As Cotharyus mentioned, this is the tool you could use for slap packing, but also if you need to scoop loose material and distribute it. Wouldn't want to move a ton of material this way unless I had a bunch of bodies.

    This hybrid shovel? I dunno what I'd use it for, tbh.

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