Advocacy video for review/comment-
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    Advocacy video for review/comment

    We're about to produce this short video on DVD for land managers in Iowa...

    Please spend a few minutes with it and post your thoughts here or on


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    It was very well done. It did cut out at 3.5 minutes looked to be 7 minutes long?? what I saw of mountain bikers I liked. I liked how single-track was defined.

    What I disagree with is the shared use presentation. I don't know your exact target audience, but I wish mt bikers would just present their ideas for projects as mt bike trails. I am not against shared use, but believe even small misunderstandings/confrontations between users would not happen if a trail were labled "mt bike trail, hiking allowed" for example. If a mt bike group is building the trail why not call it a mt bike trail at the trail head?

    This is just a small criticism of your well made video, but a bigger criticism at what I often see imba and other group immediately propose. I guess what I am suggesting is mt bikers should be aggressive and proud to present mt bike trails, but clearly be ready to compromise for shared use if it gets a trail built.

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    Overall, a very impressive presentation. Here are my improvement suggestions.

    Land managers serve many different user groups but your video doesn't portray their use of trails. I didn't see one clip of equestrians, backpackers, trail runners, cross-country skiers, snowshoers or really serious hikers (trekking poles, floppy hat, etc). Only 1/3 or so of the clips should be mountain bikers. Also include clips of less athletic-looking mountain bikers, like families on bikes with cute little kids.

    Mention that well-designed singletrack minimizes user conflicts. Good sight lines, constantly changing grades, choke points, stacked loops and expert-only trails all decrease conflicts and improve the user experience.

    Don't show someone using a chainsaw to do trail maintenance, especially since it didn't look like they were using protective equipment. Chainsaws in the hands of amateurs are a land managers nightmare. Instead show someone using loppers or a pruning saw.

    All of your trail building pictures show people digging. Also include some shots of people doing other trail buildings tasks like using a clinometer, rough flagging a route, setting a corridor with pin flags, clearing a corridor, installng trail signs and closing old trails. Some land managers might need trail design and layout services more than they need trail building services, especially if they have received a grant. Other land managers might need trail maintenance assistance, which would let you get your foot in the door, so show some people removing blowdown or trimming brush on an existing trail.

    I would move the three "I am a mountain biker" introductions to the end and have them also say they are a member of CITA.

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