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Thread: 501(c)3 blues

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    501(c)3 blues

    We sent our application in this spring, with our
    $150 check and got a letter some time ago that they would notifiy us about our application within 120 days. Last week we got into the 130+ range, so one of our guys called to see what's up. Evidently they are supposed to notify us that our application will be assigned to a case reviewer, not notify us of our final approval or not. Aaargh! The IRS people say it could easily 7+ months before our application even gets assigned to someone for review, much less gets processed. Is this the usual way it goes? '

    We want to continue to apply for different grant fundings. We were lucky in that IMBA agreed to act as a fiscal agent for the REI grant we got, I guess I need to find a local hook up for that, for future funding until we get the 501 squared away.


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    Are there any 'Friends of..." groups around that are involved with the parks dept.

    They often work pretty close with the park agency and may be willing to work with ya.

    501c3 can be a pain. Also... once ya got it... <b>don't let it lapse!</b> It's almost as much of a pain! It's a slog to get it, I think it took the state-wide group about a year to get all their duck in a row (and then counted by the IRS) before it was said and done.

    Good luck!


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    Sorta on the same schedule here. Got the letter months ago that the application was recieved. I just got an IRS letter today. Had to be getting close to 120 days. Anyhow, our case has been reviewed and they need additional info....which I think we sent before but will of course send again.

    I know the IRS is upping the application price. Perhaps they got flooded with apps before the deadline

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    Luckily, we have a couple of attorneys on our board. They did a full review of the process, rules and form. We sent the form in May (I believe) and received it sometime within the last couple of weeks. Hang in there. I know they're working on them.

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