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    4 days of IMBA school...lots o' pics

    Vista of Philpott lake from the visitors center where we had our classroom instruction.

    A motley looking class

    Rich Edwards working the clineometer during our layout lesson.

    Getting dirty doing the handwork

    Here's an interesting bit of archeology we found in the woods. I bet not many of you ever find these. It's an old moonshine still. Interestingly enough, on the second weekend the topic of the still came up and some of the folks from the class actually knew who's still it was before it was destroyed. I live in an interesting place sometimes

    The big class on the first day

    The second weekend was all about the sk500. Here is one of them the trailer we actually had two of the machines on the job. One that IMBA rented, and a privately-owned one.

    UNloading the beast

    Learning to drive : we had a borrow pit that we could play in the first day without actually going into the woods and making trail. It was sort of a "sandbox" and was a real confidence builder

    Actually pushing some dirt around

    On Sunday, we actually got into the woods to build some trail with the sk500. First we had to transport both the machines about 3/4 of a mile back to the trailhead. Bushwhacking is a little nerve wracking, but a really good way to learn how to manuver the machine

    Finally actually making trail. That's Ben Blitch on the controls showing us how it's done

    We did some rock work too. This is an outcropping with a really nice view, a rare thing in our area because of the canopy cover..

    Here's the beginnings of a crib wall around a rock outcropping

    Here's the class on the final day. We were tired. I'm in the middle of the pic.

    Now the work begins

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    I love those sessions with IMBA. You come away totally energized and ready to knock out trail.
    Just a regular guy.

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    Training/school days are so great! It is awesome to have your eyes open to what goes into a well made trail. It is rare that a "user built" or "rogue" trail goes in right, very rare. Now you are armed with the best info. And every time you go to a new spot to ride, you'll see more, and absorb what works/doesn't work. At least that has been our clubs' experience. What a cool thing to do, and all those folks that committed time to it. You guys are ON the ball!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparrow
    It is rare that a "user built" or "rogue" trail goes in right, very rare.
    I would disagree, there are a lot of good game and user built trails out there. Cows can build a pretty nice trail.

    Great looking class and turnout. Those ditch witches look like great machines and a lot of fun. Now you are ready to go take an advanced class...
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    The next steps in the process of building this trail system probably won't be as much fun....stakeholder meetings, project planning, begging for money, grants....yadda yadda.

    We have some opportunities to keep our skills moving along on an existing system while that all goes through, the ultimate scope of this project should make it worth it, though. We're off to a really good start.

    I'll definately be pimping our progress as we move along...watch this space.

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