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    What tools to bring for a weeklong bike trip

    I've been going to Moab for years... but with a Jeep. I'm used to lugging along anything and everything to make trail fixes. Spare axle shafts, drive shafts, air tools, welder, hammers...

    Short of packing up every bike tool I own, what all do you pack with you to keep at your home base? We're planning on renting a house so I'm not worried about keeping everything safe.

    Right now I'm planning on bringing the following:
    Bottle opener, Repair Stand, Hex Wrench Set, Hex 3-way, Bottom Bracket tools, Crank Puller, Open End Wrenches, Chainring Nut Wrench, Chain Tool, Cassette Lockring Tool, Pedal Wrench, Cone Wrenches, Screwdrivers, Chain Whip, 3-way Spoke Wrench,Tire Levers, and misc grease/lubes/etc.

    It sounds like a lot but it all fits into a relatively small toolbox (less the stand).

    Anything else you would bring or am I overthinking this?
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    What tools to bring for a weeklong bike trip

    Sounds good.

    Also bring a spare wheelset and tires, and small parts.

    I chased a new FH body for two days on a road trip. Always bring wheels now, if I am gone longer than a day or two.

    Moab can chew up tires. Bring what you have so you do not have to buy new ones.
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    If your bike is in good repair to begin with, your list sounds good. It's also good if you have a torque wrench and associated bits, and, like Shiggy said, if you have a spare wheel or wheelset and some spare tires, you'll be well served. Don't forget to have fun, too!
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    Cable cutter and cables.

    I found that the old thumb shifters wore down my thumb , so I bought an SRAM twist grip changer. I was touring in Nepal (the country in Asia that is home to mount everest) when I found that my sweaty hands didn't have enough grip to change gears. Restringing the rear der cable helped and I finally had to wrap a tie down strap around the grip to get enough leverage and grip.

    My Leatherman had a cable cutter near the joint. I don't know if my cheaper gerber does. I have two, but neither is handy. I've already looked and could probably find one if I crawled on the floor long enough. No wonder I never get anything done.

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