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    What are the esential tools for the trail?

    What would be the "must have" tools to pack along with you when your out riding on backcountry trails?

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    It really depends on the variations of hardware on your bike. You'll proabobly notice that you got a lot of allen wrench sockets sizes from like 4 to 6. They all range differently.

    I carry:
    Allen Tool. (Sizes 1 to 8) This is really important to me. I got a lot of different sizes of allen heads on my bikes. I need the 7, or it may be 8, not sure, for my Cranks. One day I was riding and I snapped the crank straight off the bottom bracket. You don't want to know I got downhill. Get these.
    Tire Levers: You need em no matter what in case you get a flat. Get a pair. They're cheap.
    Wrench for 13mm dropout: If you're lucky, you have a regular dropout in the rear. My new rig has a 13mm rear axel which requires 2 wrenches to take off. I don't mind it really.
    Pump: To inflate your tires, obviously.
    Assorted: I got a bunch of wierd tools in my camelback, a spoke wrench, some tape....just some wierd stuff. I had it in there for a reason before, but I am not sure why its there now.

    So it really depends on what kind of ride you got (What sort of assorted screws it has) and your riding style I guess. If you do DH/FR I think you gotta watch your components closely for signs of wear and tear. XC I think you don't need to be super cautious of, but do all your major maintanince at home.

    Hope that helps.
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    Make sure you get a flat screwdriver and phillips head in your folding allen tool. Also there is one made by Trek which houses inside a socket for your crank.
    Park CT-5 Mini Chain Brute. DO NOT get any chain tool you have to assemble or some folding contraption. When you have to deal with a chain and you are cold, tired, hungry or it is raining and or dark you will regret it.
    A small AAA flashlight (the one time you need it you will be SO glad.)
    A small folding knife with a file and saw.
    Prepackaged moist towelettes.

    There is another school of thought which elaborates all of these tools in size, adds a lot of first aid stuff and an emergency foil blanket, spokes (front and rear) and wrench, brake and der cables, chain links, extra brake pads, spd cletes and screws (screws at least.)
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