Hello, thanks for having me and i look fwd to sharing with everyone here..
if you look in the mtbr product reviews under Rockshox Suspension seatpost , just about everybody complains that the Rockshox Suspension seatpost has an elastomer and not a spring/elast. combo like the USE posts do.
then there was one guy from the UK who wrote this about the rockshox post:

".... During a spell of hot weather (30c) here I noticed that the elastomer had become softer, hence more sag and therefore the saddle height wrong. However, i have experimented with substituting half of the elastomer with a USE medium coil spring and with this set up performance is excellent, very active, great dael of adjustment on the threaded base cap, can ride over some very rough terrain and absorb all sizes of bumps. Perhaps RS should consider this sort of elastomer / coil spring set up as USE used...."

So it sounds like fine idea,
I followed this guys advice, and ordered the USE medium spring kit to upgrade the rockshox post.
my question is this.. it seems the diametre of the RS elastomer is slightly larger than the USE spring/elastomer, not too much, but enough where it might be off center . so before i cut the elastomer id like to know if anyone has tried something like this and to what avail? i guess i can experiment and will not damage anything, but does anyone have any advice?