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    Removing Pedal Trek 6700

    Can anyone confirm to remove the default pedals on a Trek 6700 you turn a 15mm wrench on the R pedal(sprocketside) counterclockwise and the other side clockwise? I turned with a lot of force and was unable to budge either side. I see an allen head on the crankset where the pedal and the crankset meet. Would this allen head undo the pedal, so I can replace it?

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    Direction is correct . If you cant undo them with a pedal wrench I dont see how you are going to get them loose with an allen wrench . Try placing the crankarms paralell to the floor with the right arm forward. On the right side place wrench on pedal with wrench handle slightly above the crank arm . Place foot on handle and apply pressure . Should break loose . Good luck.

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    The easiest way...

    to keep turning directions straight for pedals, if you have a work stand, put the bike in the stand. Put the wrench on the pedals and hold it stationary and put pressure on the pedal with the other hand. To remove the pedals rotate the crank toward the front of the bike as if you were pedaling the bike forward, i.e. the rear wheel is engaged and moving with the cranks. This works for both sides. You'll have to adjust the wrench and crank arm positions to give you the best leverage. To install the pedals do the reverse, rotate the cranks to the rear like you were back pedaling. This even works with the bike upside down as well and you don't have to worry about clockwise or counter clockwise. To recap, to remove the pedals rotate the cranks so that the rear wheel is moving, to install rotate the cranks so that the rear wheel is freewheeling, i.e. freehub clicks, wheel doesn't move etc.

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