removing king headset?-
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    removing king headset?

    I want to move my king headset to another bike. How do I take it out of the bike that has it installed right now?

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    DIYS method. take a length of copper pipe with an outer diameter about that of your steerer tube. On one end of the pipe cut a slit (about an inch or so). Pry the copper slightly apart so the end is flared. Pull the unflared end of the pipe through the headtube until the flared end just clears the cup of the headset. Now smack down on the pipe with a hammer. The cup should come free with a few solid wacks. ..Now do the reverse for the other cup.

    Copper is a nice soft metal. It won't mess up your frame or the cups.

    ...when it comes time to press the cups into a new frame you can make a press out of a heavy carriage bolt and an assortment of ever larger washers. ..Worked great for me.
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