removing cassette-
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    removing cassette

    is it hard?

    is this all i would need?

    it is a sram 9spd cassette

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    Cog removal

    Hey there. The best thing for you to do is to check out this link and see exactly what type of system your bike is using:

    Most modern bikes will have a lockring which holds the cassette in place. The wrench you showed looks like it comes with the lockring remover ( the little black piece). It fits into splines in the lockring and you rotate it to unlock. This can be done using an adjustable wrench or a socket to hold and rotate the lockring tool...or maybe that particular pedro's wrench fits around the tool and you turn the whole unit. The other tool which you will also most likely need is a sprocket remover (a.k.a. "chain whip"). This is basically a length of chain attached to a long handle. It wraps around the cogs and holds them from spinning while you are unlocking the ring ( the ring unlocks in the same direction that the freehub spins freely...counter clockwise). There are a few different lockrings out there and they each use a different splined tool so you may want to figure out what one will fit yours. Hope this helps a little. That link will help alot. good luck


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    You'll need a lockring tool and you might want a chain whip

    To make things a little easier. I've heard of folks using an old rag in place of a chain whip

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