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    Rear derailleur issues - advice on what to try next - SRAM Eaqle X01

    Issue: Chain slips under hard pressure, especially up nearly the last few big gears (50t gear and nearby). Shifting loud at times. Can get shifting to 90-95%, but not perfect / not like it used to be. Seems to be a little chatter around the 5th cog.

    Bike / group: Yeti 4.5, SRAM Eagle X01 derailleur & shifter, GX cassette and chain.

    What I've tried:
    1) derailleur hanger alignment -- it's dead on
    2) replaced inner cable / outer housing, lubed cable with Rock and Roll Cable Magic
    3) removed derailleur, cleaned and lubed everything, removed jockey wheels, greased, replaced, greased pivot points
    4) removed cassette, cleaned, made sure it was snug on wheel with no play (cassette has 456 miles on it). The gear teeth DO NOT look "shark toothed" or anything. I've kept the drivetrain clean and well lubed.
    5) cleaned chain completely, re-lubed (Rock and Roll Gold)
    6) checked chain stretch -- less than 0.5% (chain has 456 miles on it)
    7) Used SRAM B-gap adjustment tool, dialed in per spec
    8) Took 1 link out of the chain to make it a little tighter (just trying stuff at this point)

    I have another new chain to put on it, but with the stretch being where it is, I've held off doing that.

    Anything else I should try / something I'm missing?

    Many, many, many thanks in advance for any insights.

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    Cassette would be the first culprit. Dont go by if its shark toothed. If you can easily see the wear on it to that point it's been long dead already.

    Chances are though for the chain to skip under pressure with that much chainwrap the problems isnt there at all. It's in the freehub body. Pawls are skipping.

    I would take your new chain and see how it fits on the cassette. Do ALL the rollers sit down between the teeth cleanly on all cogs?

    But that's where your at. Cassette or freehub body.

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    You may have a bent cage. After about 900 miles I'm finding these GX Eagle derailleurs are very delicate and prone to twisting which causes problems due the chain line angle when going inward toward the 50T gear. Many on here have had the same issues...local shops tell me they are replacing them all the time.

    I've posted a few times about my issues of derailleur picking up debris and getting pulled into spokes. My first one twisted into junk after 5th ride...current one has been pulled into spokes numerous times and is twisted but I've managed to bend it back so it's ok for now. I've followed all the guidance on setup, hangar alignment, etc. to keep it going but it's only a matter of time before it happens again. I stay away from the 50T cog to reduce the chance of it happening.

    Love the way the SRAM shifts but I'm moving back to Shimano 11spd setup when the next failure occurs. GX Eagle is not cutting it for me.
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    I've seen similar problems due to bent cogs. Chains rarely skip. If they do, it's usually a new chain on a worn cassette due to the chain not meshing fully with the teeth. What feels like skipping is often the chain trying to shift due some misalignment. Is the cable/housing good through full travel of the rear sus? Are the hub axle ends tight so that the wheel or freehub are not moving on the axle? Are the jockey wheels good, not broken...? Is the B knuckle of the RD OK or does it have excessive slop?

    It's already been mentioned but a bad freehub can feel like skipping.
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