need crank help! please!-
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    need crank help! please!

    alright, if anyone has a pair of truvativ cranks they know that there is a small silver thing that screws into the crank at the end, and the pedal screws into that. heres an example:

    now when i was taking my pedal off (right side) to replace it, the silver thing came out. i asked for help, and someone told me that the silver thing and the pedal threads are opposite, so if i wrenched it down the same that the silver thing screwed in really hard after i got it back in, it would come out. WRONG. the silver thing screwed in clockwise (normal threads), and the pedal did the same. so i wrenched it in clockwise, and gave it another hard turn, and nothing happened. i took it out again, and the silver thing came too. except now the crank's threads are damaged. CRAP.

    i decide 'screw it' and slam the thing in a vice and try my best to get the stupid pedal out. no dice. now the threads are totally obliterated on the silver thing.

    PLEASE! PLEASE HELP!! i need to know where i can get an extra silver thing so i can get that in and install a new pedal!

    (im posting this in drivetrain also because im not sure which is the right topic)

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    Hey, I had the exact same issue with my hussefelt cranks. My silver pedal thread insert came out of my left crank arm when I was removing the pedal. I had not even ridden the bike was brand new. Anyway, you are right, the insert does screw in the same way as the pedal, so it is no use tightening it down and then hoping the pedal will stay in. When I put it in the vice all I seemed to be doing was wrecking the threads on the silver insert and sqishishing it against the pedal threads even more. I ended up taking it to my local shop and had them deal with it. They said they had never seen anything like it. So they tried taking it off but the mechanic said he was ruining it too. They called truvativ and asked the rep. He said that it has happened a few times this year. The option that I was given was to either get a new insert sent to me under warranty, or to get a new crank arm sent to me under warranty. I chose the whole crank arm because I figured I would just have to put locktite on the new insert and hope it least the chances of getting a new crankarm with the same problem were slim. So in sum, I got the new arm in a few days, I threw it on, and problem solved. I know that it will be hard for you to find a store that just has these inserts in stock, but any store that sells bikes with truvativ cranks can get you an insert I would assume. Hope this novel helps!

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    I'm betting the proper way to deal with this is to locktight install the bushing into the crank and then pull the pedal after the locktight has reached full strength. (24 hours?)

    Now that you have mushed the bushing you are going to have to get a new one, or as mentioned a new crank with bushing to replace it.

    Good luck.

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