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    Upset Just Needed to Vent (Shimano Related)

    Went to Shimanos Website to look for service instructions for a hub I need to rebuild (found an exploded view which is all I really needed and the bearing size) but when I opened the servie instruction PDF all I got was a whole page of information incluning beautiful digrams, on how to opperate the quick release. Come on Shimano, I know we have a litigous society and all, but do you think we could get some useful information when we go looking for service instructions. Anyone looking for service information most certainly will already know how to opperate a quick release (I hope)
    Thanks for Listening, its been one day now with out a bike to ride and I am feeling a little shakey.

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    Well, as unbelievable as it may seem, I see people on a regular basis that do not know how to use a quick release. You know, trying to twist it on like the lever is just a little wrench to tighten it up, etc. I saw someone just the other day hooking up their QR like that and felt compelled to give them a quick lesson. Maybe I am just surrounded by idiots. Whatever. Too much knowledge is better than too little. You found your exploded view (who needs that, it is just a simple cup-n-cone hub? just kidding) so quit complaining.

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