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    Install threadless stem

    OK, I have my new stem (Kore race forged) now, is there a recommended way to swap stems? I do not own a torque wrench. The stem instructions say to tighten the stem bolts to 8 ft/lbs.

    I priced out torque wrenches, and they are $60+, more than double of what I paid for the stem.

    Any secret methods for correctly installing a stem, besides just guessing at the bolt tightness?


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    You've got a few choices,

    guess, learn how to do torque by feel, get a torque wrench, borrow one for the job, or have a shop install it for you.

    Plenty of people guess, me included when I started working on my bikes. I don't guess as I now have a wrench. I don't always have a good feel for different sized tools and fasteners, confirmed by checking with a torque wrench after doing it by feel. My brother was a pro auto mechanic and he can do it by feel, but took him years of experience (and he still uses a torque wrench depending on what he's doing).

    Learning to do it by feel I think you just have to be hands on, using a torque wrench to check yourself with. I've seen some written guidelines but they pretty much require you to think about the length of the tool you're using and quantifying the force you're applying. I'd be interested if anyone can give you a good guideline via this thread.

    Torque wrenches can be useful in all kinds of things, but I think essential if you're going to wrench on you're own bike. It's a lifetime tool if you take care of it.

    Borrowing one might be difficult, but someone you know might have one, especially if they work on cars (but not might have one suitable for the relatively low end of the measurement range needed for a stem).

    Of course many bike shop guys wouldn't pick up a torque wrench for a stem install either...
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