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    Headset and BB facing tools....

    So, thinking it's time I stepped up and purchased some facing tools. Looking around at the various models and just curious what everyone out there is using. Sadly, Campy is out, just can't afford/justify it, even suffering from Tool Acquisition Disorder.

    They aren't not going to get used a whole heck of a lot, but I'd like to have them The King headset facer would be nice, but that seems to be coming out the same time as their bottom bracket.

    Thoughts? Go with the Park? Try to get a Cobra? Live on the edge with a Var?

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    I went with Park when I fleshed out my shop w/ headset & BB cutting tools. Kinda pricey maybe, but no regrets here. I wouldn't call VAR "living on the edge" myself. Every tool I've picked up from VAR over the years has been good solid stuff, just a little crude in the finish department.

    Man-o-man, but being a tool whore is an expensive proposition! I picked up the BB tap & facer set, plus a pair of Italian taps on top of it, a cool grand right there. Headset reamer/facer set plus an additional 1" reamer, headset press, crown race seater set, plus a set of King adapters, damn near another grand there. Sure is nice having the stuff right there when you need it though.

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    Try Sears Craftsman, if you use your CraftsmanClub card you can get 10% off and you will have a life time warrenty if anything should go wrong.

    Park would be my next choice.


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