hi everybody

i just bought a 2004 mx comp coil 85mm.

i hear a "tick" soud during the compression stage.

i say compression because when i push the fork down the sound "appears". and when it get back to its normal possition it doesn make any sound.

is thath sound normal because of the break in period havn´t conclude. or the oil level or what...
i just have ride the bike like an hour. the oil level is about 10mm down the top of the lower legs. i can see like 3 turns of the spring.

i read in the tech manual that a "knocking sound" can be fixed by turning clockwise the rebound adjuster.(decrease damping)

i alredy turn full clockwise and full counterclockwise the adjuster and the sound doesnt desapear.

note: the oil level is the same in both legs.

note: im 84kg. i´m using a 10psi preload.

can you please help me to get rid of the "tick" sound. its kind of annoying.

and about the turns difference.