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    Clean your anodized rims

    Im a newbie so if this is supposed to be in the wheels forum or somewhere else please let me know. Maybe a Mod can move it.

    I recent got some 80s Araya gold anodized MTB rims and both had a milky white surface stain. The stuff didnít come off with a mild soap & water and soft brush cleaning.
    I read somewhere that the stain might be hard water mineral deposits (we have hard water in my area) so I tried some hard water deposit stuff called Amaz thatís worked for me before on shower doors. I was worried it might scratch or remove the anodizing but no problem; the results WERE amazing. Your results may vary.

    I considered clearcoating the rims before lacing spokes but I donít think theyíll need it, it didnít seem like I was removing a clear coat when I was cleaning them. I got the Amaz at a local True Value hardware store but you may have to find it online. Hope it works for you too. And no, Iím not a paid endorser.

    After washing, before Amaz. The washing had no impact on the stain.
    Clean your anodized rims-55ae0b5a-a973-4726-af34-c7ec8938bf7c.jpg

    After one quick time around the rim:
    Clean your anodized rims-6b61afee-a74b-4098-a2ff-31af1f3156e0.jpg

    After the second, more careful, final cleaning:
    Clean your anodized rims-2554e1a0-1070-497e-b105-1b8012d3d2b1.jpg

    Hereís the container:
    Clean your anodized rims-8118d82a-f144-471f-b6c3-a7cc3a33475c.jpeg
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    Nice, that stuff worked on those rims. Nice rims too.

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    They cleaned up really nice

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